Growing up, Gentil Misigaro only knew the world as a place of loss, fear, and death. For fifteen years he and his family moved from country to country to escape the violence, but it followed them from their village in Congo to Rwanda and then Uganda.

Through it all Gentil found strength and hope in music. When his family got the news that they had finally found a new home in Canada, Gentil saw his music as a powerful force that could bring a positive change to the world.

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“Stay Strong is an enlightening read. It is an uplifting read. And it is an important read. Young people should be challenged by this book to be grateful for the peace and security that most have been afforded, and to search for a way that we can all make our world a better place to live.”                                         Librarian, Julie Starr

“Stay Strong...touches upon many important topics. Gentil Mis emerges as a caring young man who overcame challenges and consistently made the most of opportunities that arose. His story should appeal to immigrant teens who want to read about people like themselves and to socially concerned youth who want to understand better the plight of refugees and what they can do to help others.”                                     CM Magazine

“With the plight of refugees so frequently in the news, Stay Strong would be a good choice for younger or reluctant readers seeking to learn more about this topic.”                                                                 Quill & Quire

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